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Roll on SXSW Interactive in Austin!

I’m off to SXSW Interactive in the morning! And it’s in Austin, a bohemian oasis isn the middle of redneck Texas.

Went last year, had a tremenduous time, and have been planning my return pretty much ever since I arrived back last year.

I think it’s the only large-scale digital / tech conference (in the English-speaking world) that’s also a festival.

Daytime sessions that have caught my eye so far include:

Online Publishers & Ad Networks

How to Bluff Your Way in Web 2.0

Turning Projects Into Revenue Generating Businesses

Under 18: Blogs, Wikis and Online Social Networks for Youth

Kathy Sierra Opening Remarks

Tag. You’re It

Everything’s Gone Douglas Coupland

Games + Entertainment Brands: Five Top Trends In 2007

Mapping: Where the F#*% Are We Now?

Web Hacks: Good or Evil (or: Welcome to Web 2.666)

Every Breath You Take: Identity, Attention, Presence and Reputation

Using RSS For Marketing

Web 2.0 and Semantic Web: The Impact on Scientific Publishing

Why We Should Ignore Users

Non-Developers to Open Source Acolytes: Tell Me Why I Care

How to Convince Your Company to Embrace Mashup Culture

User Generated Content and Original Editorial: Friend or Foe

Why Marketers Need To Work With People Media

Open Knowledge vs. Controlled Knowledge

MobileActive: Mobilizing The Masses With Mobile Technology

There’s no Such Thing as the Mobile Web (Or Is There?)

The Global Microbrand: Are Blogs, Suits and Wine the New Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll?

And that’s just the ones I *really* want to go to!!

All the panels:

I’ve also put myself down for more than a few parties over the 10th – 14th March duration:

Stamina will be required 😉


Attention economy up for grabs?

Big-red-shiny-flashing-light regarding one branch of my erstwhile NMK gig. Yes brothers and sisters, this here is an old skool Beers & Innovation alert!

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 6th March) you can catch Beers & Innovation 8: The Attention Seekers as there’s a few tickets left.

Although I see it’s been re-named ‘Beers & Innovations’.

I guess the extra “s” means that it musta got betterer lately 😉  [UPDATE: Ye olde title has been reinstated!]

All the more reason to make that last-minute booking and whisk yourself down there! [having noted details of the new venue, of course]

Attention makes its UK live debut?

Other reasons include the fact that this is, I think, the first opportunity for folks in the UK to settle down in a comfy bar and collectively grapple with the Pandora’s box of issues that are unleashed by the ideas of the Attention Economy and Attention Economics.

Is there mileage in these concepts and will they ever get traction beyond certain circles in the blogosphere? What of the measurement and metrics issues around attention? Is it just another way to aggregate eyeballs? And does Doc Searls‘ notion of the “intention economy” get a look in?

In turn, you get to chew the attention fat with some interesting panellists – Chris Seth, MD of social network Piczo; Sam Sethi entrepreneur and co-editor of Vecosys; and Alan Moore, co-author of ‘Communities Dominate Brands’ and CEO of engagement marketing firm SMLXL. Chairing is George Nimeh, MD Digital at Iris.

I’m very intrigued to see what comes out of this one.

Book your tickets here.

Curse of the deflected meme

This is starting off badly. I’ve been tagged before, but didn’t respond, because everyone was being witty and pithy and cute and I was so swamped with work and stuff that I couldn’t locate my inner Dorothy Parker.

Also, I found it a bit phoney. To respond I’d have to keep it light and fluffy, or risk giving too much info, if you get my drift. Neither option was compelling.

Now the curse of the deflected meme has come back to bite me…

Via Alan Patrick – “Name five reasons why you do (or do not) respond to memes”.

Caveat: I hate getting into in discussions as a participant when I’m not clued up about the fundamentals. And this discussion requires, IMHO, that I go read some books. Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene, Steven Pinker’s The Blank Slate maybe, and perhaps Kenan Malik’s Man Beast and Zombie.

Going, going…

Well that’s three solid weeks off work I’ve got coming up then! Otherwise, how can I even say I know what memes are supposed to be, what the counter arguments are, and if my 2p is worth anything…

Or I can be just one dead-end for the “meme” while it makes its frothy way elsewhere, so removing myself from it’s propagation. Pushover that I am, I’m taking the latter option. I’m making up some answers without prior knowledge, and I’m not tagging anyone.

So, those reasons why I “do (or do not) respond to memes”.


Yikes, have I answered already? 😉

(1) They complement or accord with thoughts or perspectives I already entertain.

(2) They clash with or challenge perspectives I have previously adhered to in an exciting or illuminating way – ie. frisson or growth (expand your mind).

(3) They help achieve / reinforce consensus (ie. group think) – none of us are entirely innocent of this.

(4) Insecurity – we accept some ideas when we are seeking affirmation through others and lack internal confidence. As a teenager, this was more common for me compared to later on.

(5) Another reason I sometimes don’t respond that’s also connected with becoming an oldster is ye olde chestnut of “priorities”.

However, while I might not respond to a “meme” visibly or publicly, that don’t mean I’m immune to it or that I’m not secretly pondering its dimensions somewhere in my own little Republic 😉

[Note: None of the above serves to undermine the fact that I have a memes handbag.]