Chinwag Live – Mobile Metamorphosis

Are mobile business models undergoing a tectonic shift, and how might this affect the mobile value chain?

These issues and more are set to be explored at the next Chinwag Live event on Monday 26th February – Mobile Metamorphosis.

The speakers include Jonathan MacDonald of Blyk, Europe’s first ad-funded free MVNO due to launch in the UK later this year, alongside Hugh Griffith, representing O2. Formely their Head of Data Products & Content, Hugh is now working on a project for O2 Group Strategy, planning the company’s approach to mobile internet, advertising and search.

In the mobile hotseats…

Bringing an analyst’s perspective to the panel is Jessica Sandin of Fathom Partners, one of the most experienced and widely respected practitioners in the field. In turn, Russell Buckley, Managing Director for mobile advertising network Admob Europe is equally renowned for the joint blog he runs with Carlo Longino – Mobhappy.

We announced the event yesterday, and the tickets are already 40% sold out. What else to say really… except that this is an exceptionally choice opportunity to quiz some interesting players in the mobile space and explore the issues surrounding mobile business models and the value chain with an audience of your peers.

Is it over-optimistic to think that 2007 could be mobile’s tipping point?

Book here and join the debate:


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