Chinwag Live is people plus…

When a few weeks back I stumbled [via Hugh] across this quote lifted from a post by entrepreneur and VC Joi Ito, a whole lot of things started to fall into place:

“I personally think that people are trying to build Bubble 2.0 on top of Web 2.0. Instead of becoming a platform for the future of the Web, it’s possible that Web 2.0 is becoming the platform for the short-term future of greedy people. However, I do think that it is important to understand that the recent success and surge in innovation on the Web is due to a semi-new set of principles. Part of the principles are a return to fundamental principles. The innovation on the Web and the Internet is driven by what David Weinberger has called “Small Pieces Loosely Joined” – a network created by small groups working together around open standards. It is and was a community of people and projects trying to connect to each other.”

I saw Joi speak earlier this year at a SXSW Interactive panel on ‘Commons Based Business Models’, and his thoughts there and in this recent post all underlined for me one of the non-frothy aspects of recent “Web 2.0” developments – yes, the “people” bit that some still like to scoff at.

However, another response to the “people power” side of recent web innovations is the charge that this is mere techno-utopianism.

Social utility comes up trumps

But the view that technology is the answer isn’t what leaps out at me when I use and think about some of the best services around today: Flickr, eBay, Craigslist to name just three.

Rather it’s the view that if anything – technology, design, transport, prices, street lights, mobile phones, paths through the forest – makes it easier to connect, collaborate and trade more intelligently and efficiently with other people, all the evidence is saying quite clearly that I will likely use that thing and that seems to cause me to connect more with other folks, in various beneficial or useful types of transactions.

Plugging into “people plus”

This is one of the real, sustainable aspects of “Web 2.0”. APIs and web services are a prime example – they are just tools to help us connect data, ideas, needs and intentions together. Obvious perhaps, but in need of re-stating.

Want to take issue with this view personally or discuss it in more detail? Come along to the first Chinwag Live session on 6th February where speakers from Zopa, Skinkers, Carson Systems and the redoubtable Mr Butcher (also here) will be chewing over the questions raised by what we’ve termed ‘Wobble 2.0’.

When Web 2.0 collides with Bubble 2.0 what’s the result? Join us at Chinwag Live, and let’s band together to start working it out…

More details and bookings are here:

We’re also on Upcoming:

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