Identity in question

My digital identity is on the line.

Well, it’s always been on pretty shaky ground, but it’s never plain sailing with this pesky blogging business is it? 😉

I can’t keep calling it ‘Beers & Innovation’ because although along with the help and support of Tom, James, Ingrid, Nick, Zoe and a bunch of other people I’ve been developing and running the B&I event, I’m not any more, and the blog is starting to feel like an odd space.

Innovation Eye seems like an overly grand claim as a title. If only I *was* paid to sit around and anaylse stuff and be mega-insightful…

… sorry, I drifted right off there.

Driving home the identiy crisis, blogger and author supreme Mr Delaney is taking up full-time Editorial duties at NMK  (congrats Ian!) so he’ll be one of the brand new trio hopefully taking the Beers & Innovation events (along with the ton of other events, courses and conferences that NMK do) forward in future as well as working wonders with the website (it really needs a miracle and I think Ian could be just the man) 🙂

Another thing is, I’m going to have another blog soon, on the soon-to-be relaunched Chinwag website. Cripes! It really is time to call in the cloning brigade…

So I’m not sure who I am anymore or what to do here… Any thoughts, crushing put-downs, related trivia..? I’ll mull it over during the festive period.

Tidings etc x


2 responses to “Identity in question

  1. Hey Deidre. Thanks for the intro to your crew. I’m going to be walking under a tall (yet petite) shadow the next few months.

    Hopefully, hard work will do instead of a miracle. *damn. did I just say that?*

  2. Hiya Ian, as you can see i am in a rather dissolved, fuzzy state at the moment, so I don’t know if my shadow is that definite.

    Clarity on issues of identity and other related matters will be forthcoming no doubt 😉

    Look forward to appreciating your good works in 2007!

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