Next Beers & Innovation on agency innovation

A bit late to the party this time*, but thought I should let folks know that there’s only a handful of tickets left for Beers & Innovation 7 on 30th January.

And you know what that means… That unless you go and book pronto it’ll be sold out, in a day or so I reckon.

The event returns to the original point made in Tom Coates’ July 2005 post where he contrasted the (then) feeble indigenous start-up culture with the UK’s large and sophisticated advertising and marketing industry.

Beyond sparkly websites and illusory campaigns…

In turn, while Tom rated the British as (perhaps) the best in the world at this lark, he was none too enthusiastic about what they produced:

“The web industry over here is dominated by advertising and marketing because London is dominated by advertising and marketing…

On the web, some of the work is absolutely stunning – but it’s all bloody agency stuff – support sites, brochureware, Flash. There’s money all around the place to make things, but still such boring stuff gets made. It’s all just another shiny thing on a conveyer belt already groaning under the weight of shiny things – an environment where the only way to innovate is to get shinier and more illusory, rather than more useful.

All this work is churned out by the ton by great people (and not so great people) hired by marketeers – because apparently there is no one else out there who will harness them to make neat new things that the world could use.”

Innovation bug comes full circle

So coming full circle, what is the current state of innovation in the advertising and marketing sector?

To answer these questions, explore the nature of innovation in this field and discuss how they work with brands we have Managing Partner of Ogilvy One, London John M Baker, Creative Director of Poke (and Hulger founder) Nicolas Roope and Jamie Riddell, the Co-Founder and Head of Innovation at Cheeze.

[NB: Some users of Firefox have been experiencing problems with the NMK online booking system, so I would recommend using the Explorer browser when booking, thanks!].

Book your tickets here.

[* Apologies for the late posting on this but I was waiting until the chair was confirmed before blogging it. This still hasn’t happened and tickets sales have been brisk so I thought better late than never! I sorted the bulk of this event before I finished at NMK in October, but it’s been out of my hands since then.]


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