Beers & Innovation Social By Design sold out

Things seem to be accelerating in the social media sphere, but in turn I think this means creating a space to pause and reflect on these developments is ever more urgent. 

So even though Beers & Innovation 6: Social By Design sold out this morning, the event itself should prove a useful opportunity to survey the landscape and query its direction and sustainability.

With AOL Europe‘s Consumer Experience Lead for Social Media and longstanding blogger Meg PickardMint Digital (blog) Commercial Director Tim Morgan, and Crowdstorm (blog) Co-Founder & CEO Philip Wilkinson in the hot seats, and Guardian Unlimited‘s Head Of Editorial Development (alert – new job title!) Neil McIntosh chairing, it promises to be a cut above many events on social media to date.

What’s more the debate on measuring social media – and major gaffes in the field – is cranking up a gear. More on that soon. And many, many more gaffes to cringe / crow over too, I’d wager. Plus an announcement is immanent on the next Beers & Innovation on 30th January 2007.


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