Aggregators and upsetters event nearly full

There are just a handful of tickets left for Beers & Innovation next week.

If you want to join the discussion about content aggregation, user-generated content, edge economies and disruptive business models on Tuesday 17th October, book your ticket now.

Umair Haque of Bubblegeneration, Paul Pod of TIOTI (Tape It Off the Internet), Richard Anson of Reevoo and Mike Butcher of mbites will be exploring this issues and reflecting on their experiences in tandem with the equally quizzical audience.  😉

Once the event is full we won’t be operating a waiting list this time, due to the current NMK staff shortage.


2 responses to “Aggregators and upsetters event nearly full

  1. If you’re short-staffed and the tickets are running out, why not auction the remaining ones on eBay with the auction ending mid afternoon on Tuesday? Fairest way, I’d have thought…and it’d be interesting to see what they’re actually worth, too.

  2. I’m not worried about not selling all the tix – that’s almost certain (there are now 5 tickets left). All I’m saying is that if there are any cancellations we are not going to offer further places (unlike last time).

    As for the eBay suggestion, it would be interesting to see what people would bid for them (like Hugh’s TechCrunch posters), but you would have to be here in the NMK office and have an overview of the situation here to understand why i’m not going down that route… 😉

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