Stranded at Mobile Monday

Flight delays and flying in general these days sucks big style. 

But sometimes serendipity intervenes! There’s a great video interview with Tara Hunt and Chris Messina, delayed in Paris recently at the end of their holiday and pitching-up at Mobile Mondays.

This year has been a big journey for these guys: they’ve left their jobs at Riya and Flock, set up the innovative Citizen Agency, and recently been joined by Ben Metcalfe.

SXSW flashback

I met them at SXSW Interactive in March and they ended up inviting me out to dinner, along with Tantek, Ryan King and DJ Amber, with added guerilla stickering of Austin’s streetscape en route and elsewhere.

They also proved to have some skillz on the dancefloor at the Odeo & Adaptive Path party in Club deVille  😉  A fun night (like every night at SXSW yes sir) and a phenomenal SXSW baptism. I urge you, if you crave what’s right and good for you, then look into its incredible programme, social circuit and general vibe and go next year!!

Meanwhile, back in Europe…

Once they get past the formalities, the MoMo interview just gets better. Tara raises an especially intriguing point about the conservative tendancy creeping into citizen media [or should that be citizen journalism..?] as it’s adopted by mainstream media.

I’d love to hear this point expanded a little more.

Anyway, they were stranded in Paris. I mean, how Roxy Music…


2 responses to “Stranded at Mobile Monday

  1. LOL…that’s great! How are you Deirdre!?

    Going to SXSW again next year?


  2. This very minute I am cooking up a cunning plan to get myself there 🙂

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