Start-ups and blogging in stealth mode

As a start-up in stealth mode, to blog or not to blog?

Over on Technological Winter Roger Kondrat, who also runs the London Web 2.0 / Bloggers meet-up, has put together an interesting post on the matter.

Worth checking. His arguments are pretty pursuasive, but it’s certainly not a black and white issue…

My two cents is: if you want to keep the cat in the bag, why not just run a topic-based blog (under a psuedonym if necessary), related to the area you’re working in? In this scenario, what’s the worst thing that can happen?


4 responses to “Start-ups and blogging in stealth mode

  1. But at the same time, what’s the point?

    I’ve seen a few stealth startup blogs and it seems the main thing is to write general, interesting posts in your area of development, and just get your brand out there without being silly about your secrets. You can communicate your name without giving away anything.

  2. But on occasion there might be reason for being in total stealth mode… Are you saying that a topic-based blog is then pointless? If you were writing your book in secret (i know, an exciting thought), would you think blogging was a waste of time. Do you think no-one would comment or read it without the blog being attached to the book project?

    I’m trying to understand is all. No biggie. Sorry for the delay in getting back. Been ludicrously busy.

  3. Hmmm. I think I’ve completely changed my mind since that original comment – looking at the date and time (Friday at midnight) I may not have been sober. 😉

    I guess because blogs and social media are a part of what I’m writing about, then keeping a blog is pretty much required of me.

    But if it weren’t, and I never mentioned the book on my site, would I keep a blog? Absolutely, I really enjoy it and it helps me record my reading and to organise my thoughts. Discussing those thoughts with other people interested in these topics is really valuable too. Also, it’s already won me some work and a couple of RL friends.

  4. Blogging on el vino, eh? Three letters: EEC (exercise extreme caution)  😉

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