UK embraces mobile innovation?

I have to flag up our event New Directions In Mobile happening next Tues 3rd Octber, and why not be brazen about it?!

It’s bang on the money for the Beers & Innovation audience and is shaping up to kick some ass on the event circuit.

Plus the emphasis, as with all NMK events, is on debate and discussion. Also, we haven’t had a Beers & Innovation that focuses particularly on mobile as yet.

The event will look at smart thinking for operators and start-ups in this sphere, plus what’s new for mobile marketers, producers, distributors and innovators.

And we’ve some some *very* cool speakers involved.

Among them are Helen Keegan from Beep Marketing, Paul Walsh of Segala, Alfie Dennen of Moblog UK (and We’ and Steve Flaherty of mobile innovation consultancy Ketai Culture. Plus speakers from mMetrics and Marvellous Mobile.

UK networks score with mobile video 

Two big announcements this week in this area seem relevant to the issues at stake. On September 21st, Vodafone’s Jonathan Bill told Justin Pearse of New Media Age:

“Mobile TV is now bigger than ringtones, the stalwart of mobile content… This is the coming of age for mobile TV.”

Apparently over half of all new Vodafone 3G customers choose to subscribe to mobile TV, and Bill said one of the reasons it’s so popular is that it is ubiquitous – you don’t need a specific application or phone.

According to MoCo News:

Competing UK operator Orange said that mobile TV and video combined was approaching ringtone levels, and that “the growth of mobile TV is the growth of 3G”.

[Bill’s figures are] just for the Vodafone UK business, which has about 1 million 3G customers. If most of the people who sign up for mobile TV choose the £10 per month option, that’s quite an income stream.

In turn, 3 announced 50,000 paid users had signed up for their social network site Kink Kommunity, with their user-generated mobile video-sharing service SeeMeTV passing the 12m downloads mark.

So people’s embrace of innovation and new services on mobile, hampered initially by the hiccuping baby-steps of 3G, seems to be moving up a gear.

There are more details on the event here. It’s happening next Tuesday 1-4.30pm and costs £80 for employees of companies of 20 or more and £50 for employees of companies less than 20 and self-employed / freelancers. You can book for it here.


One response to “UK embraces mobile innovation?

  1. Mobile tv is good, a nice pint of Smithwick is better. Sounds like an interesting convention, seeing as how beer and media are always an essential mix in the eyes of consumer driven countries across the globe. Check out my blog at, , for some satire on pretty much anything and everything, you can bring a beer if you’d like.


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