Social media seek interns

I see AOL Europe are looking for a social media intern right now.

And so are Stormhoek – check Hugh’s post.

Both have a hefty list of requirements. And both will be very lucky if they can get someone with *all* these qualities.

The jobs look intriguing and offer exciting opportunities to the chosen candidates, but the person who is able to work for nothing is also open to a lot more opportunities, hence my problem with internships.

The talented person who hasn’t got savings or moneyed parents – they can’t go down the intern avenue. So it’s discriminatory from the outset.

Or maybe I’m wrong and they’re paying them a salary, like proper apprentices…


4 responses to “Social media seek interns

  1. A bit like being a blogger, then, Deidre?

    I’ve noticed a (nasty) rash of intern posts appearing across the media this year and print is just as bad as online.

    I’m all for work-experience and sandwich courses, which used to fill these sorts of roles. Have the universities cut down on these sorts of courses, I wonder?

  2. Hi Ian,

    High five! It’s one thing being a self-starting blogger, whether paid, unpaid or grey-area overtime. An intern is something else entirely. While I can entirely see the rationale of small companies using interns, it’s the principle I object to, because it clearly discriminates.

    Internship and unpaid work experience has been rife in big and small media of all types for as long as I’ve known and probably much longer, so it’s natural it should extend into companies doing social media and marketing.

    Students may be an alternative but universities can often be labyrinthine to deal with and limiting to time-stretched employers. Perhaps what we need is an online resource / community for part-time / masters / vacationing students who have needs to meet, time to spare and skills/experience to trade in and aquire on the one hand and employers who have work-experience slots to fill on the other.

  3. Totally agree with you that internships discriminate against all but the very privileged.

    Sounds like a good idea to me… lackeyr (beta) launching soon šŸ˜‰

  4. There are paid internships out there if you are lucky and patient enough to find them.

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