Aggregators and upsetters centre-stage

I once thought of calling the next Beers & Innovation event on 17th October ‘Here Come The Aggregators’ (any excuse to slip in an oblique James Joyce reference you see…).

But I did some research and found that Mr Mashable (aka Pete Cashmore) had beat me to it, with an extra dimension to his thinking of course.

In Here Come The Edge Aggregators Pete explained that:

“an edge aggregator is a service that aggregates content from blogs and RSS feeds – Edgeio aggregates classified listings from blog posts, for instance.”

“But it isn’t going to be plain sailing for the edge aggregators. The low barrier to entry means that all these services will face defensibility issues – what’s to stop a barrage of newcomers aggregating exactly the same content?”

…the edge is a real source of value creation, but can any of these startups harness that value for themselves?”

Disruptive innovation on a larger scale
Aggregation is also part of the larger picture of disruptive innovation that is challenging and dismantling (among other things) patterns of media production, distribution and consumption, from Skype to YouTube, from Zopa to Digg.

But if the issues for aggregators are many, what are the issues, opportunities and milestones emerging around disruptive business models? And is the internet now, as home to the upsetters, finally reshaping business and markets more profoundly?

The view from London

Speaking at the event will be: Reevoo CEO Richard Anson, TIOTI (Tape It Off The Internet) co-founder Paul Pod, and Umair Haque of Bubblegeneration. Mike Butcher of and will be chairing.

We’ve got a new venue too: Albannach bar & restaurant on Trafalgar Square. You can get more details on the speakers and book your tickets here.

[PS. I meant to post on this yesterday, but the NMK site was experiencing some problems and I didn’t relish the idea of readers wanting to book arriving at a 404 error page].


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