“Inventor of the internet” billed for RSS soiree

We’ve confirmed our third speaker for Beers & Innovation 4: RSS Frontiers – for which there are only 8 tickets left, so don’t say I didn’t remind you! 😉

Ivan Pope is taking the free hotseat. He started his internet career as publisher of The World Wide Web Newsletter in 1993. He sold this to Future Publishing and became the consultant editor for the launch of .net magazine in 1994…

You can read more about Ivan and book your tickets here.

Fast-forwarding to now, Ivan is CEO of start-up Snipperoo and would like it to be known that:

“Snipperoo is a widget management product that holds out the promise of a Universal Widget. Within five years, we will be living in a widgetised world.”

He recently posted some interesting remarks on social networks and the restrictions on Flash based widgets linking outside of MySpace: Will MySpace eat its young?

Cool to have him talking widgets etc at the UK’s first broad-based RSS event and the first Beers & Innovation solely featuring start-ups. A step towards answering Tom’s original question from July 2005 – where are all the start-ups? Sure looks like it.


2 responses to ““Inventor of the internet” billed for RSS soiree

  1. got my ticket early this time … looking forward to it

  2. Great. Saw you were quoted in the recent New Media Age feature on social networks. Nice one.

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