Soho calling

In the heatwave miasma engulfing me I forgot to mention that yesterday we confirmed the venue for Beers & Innovation 4: RSS Frontiers.

Yep, we’re back in the Soho environs of the Pitcher & Piano upstairs bar, Dean Street on Thursday 14th September.

Speakerwise we’ve got Richard Edwards, co-founder of MyZebra and Webkitchen founder and Deeptag architect Peter Nixey.

NMA editor (not to be confused with NMK – pesky acronyms) Michael Nutley will be chairing the discussion.

It’s the first time we’re featuring start-ups only, which is quite exciting.

The full details are here.

So you’ve got the co-ordinates. And with over 20 delegates already registered and the event still 7 weeks away, now you just need to book.

The following Beers & Innovation in October will be announced very soon. It’s gonna be a busy autumn…


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