Mothership downtime & Content 2.0 podcast update

Okay, it’s not really the mothership technically speaking, but the NMK website will be taking a breather this weekend, starting anytime now.

This is simply due to need for the University Of Westminster to power down all their servers (including ours) this weekend for essential maintenance.

So what? Well you may ask. For starters there’s a lot of links on this blog to the NMK site that will be temporarily dead. Including that which takes you to the booking page for Beers & Innovation 4: RSS Frontiers on 14th September.

iTunes back in the frame (ish)

Secondly, podcast junkies who still haven’t downloaded the Content 2.0 podcasts might be sweating it a bit when they find an Error 404. Yikes! Can’t have that can we. So here’s the links direct to the, Feedburner and iTunes pages.

The iTunes situ has been resolved as much as it can be, although you may only see the four most recent files (out of a conference total of eight) on iTunes. Don’t ask me – ask iTunes why they do this. I know – it’s pointless asking them anything.

All things going to plan, the NMK site will be back up sometime on Monday 17th July.


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