UK start-ups on the RSS frontier

Chatting to Fergus Burns at the Content 2.0 Beers & Innovation session I was reminded that RSS is probably one of *the* most valuable tools in the marketers armoury.

Except most marketing people don’t even know it exists yet, or comprehend it’s relevance.

But, Fergus pointed out to me, as it’s completely opt-in it’s usually highly welcome and its relevance in the media landscape is peerless. Well, unless you count paid subscriptions to the New York Times etc , or whatever glossy magazine – but who reads them cover to cover?

With RSS you can even subscribe to a particular section of a web publication, or specific writers. That trumps hard-copy subscriptions then.

Metrics to die for, apparently

What about the sales departments’ enduring obsession with “eyeballs” – RSS can’t help there, surely? Ah, but it’s also highly measurable, Fergus continued, and your measurement folks are going to literally drool over those stats because now you can put ads in RSS feeds too. Thus ended the lesson from the Nooked CEO 😉

How you retain your publishing brand in the RSS space is less certain but also more open to innovative approaches.

It’s about rethinking how you package and brand your content if it’s distributed and consumed in chunks and not within the property of your website. Something Richard Edwards, Co-founder of MyZebra will be talking about on 14 September, at the next Beers & Innovation!

Mining the edges…

Business 2.0 published a great interview with Feedburner CEO Dick Costolo on 27th June. In the course of the interview Costolo recounted how increasing hits to their RSS feeds but not to their websites caused a lot of Feedburner clients to exclaim “shit, there’s a lot of money I’m not making there out on the edges”.

The article goes on to describe RSS as:

“a brand-new medium, as distinct from the Web as the Web is from newspapers, radio and TV.”

In light of this – the quantum leap that RSS represents – we’ve got Peter Nixey of Webkitchen to explain more about his developmental work in this sphere and share some thoughts on where it’s all going.

Chairing is the very able Michael Nutley – editor of New Media Age, the UK’s interactive marketing and business weekly magazine.

The central London venue will be announced soon but you can book tickets right now on the NMK website.

[NB: To be clear, Nooked is an Irish company (with another office in Boston) and not being bracketed as a UK start-up]


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