Content 2.0 podcasts go live

I love being the bearer of good tidings, so here goes – the podcasts of all the sessions at Content 2.0 are now available to download.

The conference, on 6th June, saw leading experts and practitioners in the digital space come together with an informed audience for a day of talks and discussion on some key issues and developments facing the content industries.

Social networks, user-generated content and ownership of digital identity, blogging and control, Marketing 2.0, brands and trust, social search and recommendation, folksonomy and tagging, and the habits and attitudes of digital natives were all explored and debated with the audience. Listen at your leisure here.

Sessions podcasted by Lloyd Davis and m3m for NMK at Content 2.0 were:

KEYNOTE: Mesh Up: Connecting Content to People
Marc Canter – CEO, Broadband Mechanics

SCENESETTER: Goodbye New Media – Hello Social Media
Adriana Cronin-Lukas – Director, The Big Blog Company

FORUM: Marketing 2.0 = Content 2.0?
Featuring James Cherkoff of Collaborate Marketing, Hugh MacLeod of GapingVoid, and Jamie Kantrowitz of Myspace, chaired by Michael Bayler of The Rights Marketing Company.

DEBATE: Can Brands be Trusted?
Alan Moore – CEO, SMLXL and Shel Israel – author, Naked Conversations

KEYNOTE: The Changing Face Of Web Search
Bradley Horowitz – Vice President of Product Strategy, Yahoo! (blog)

SCENESETTER: Folksonomies: What Are They Good For?
Matt Locke – Head of Innovation, BBC New Media

FORUM: Search & Enjoy! The Power of Search and Recommendation
Featuring Suranga Chandratillake of Blinkx, Alex Barnett of MSDN, Microsoft, and Matthew Ogle of Last fm, chaired by Mike Grehan of Marketsmart Interactive

YOUNG PEOPLE & MEDIA: Invisible Culture
Featuring Dot and Rory, chaired by William Higham of The Next Big Thing (blog)

If you don’t subscribe to any podcast subscription service, all the direct links are here. For those who do, you’ll find the Feeburner subscription/reader tools in the same place.

iTunes glitchiness

The iTunes system has proven harder to crack. I wanted to blog this a few days ago when the links first went up, hoping the iTune glitches would be resolved, but no such luck! For more info, see this announcement on the iTunes forum.

For more details on the conference schedule and speakers – and session-by-session blogged coverage – visit the Content 2.0 website.

I’ll post again when (and if) the iTunes karma improves. In the meantime – happy listening.

[NB: Cross-posted on the Content 2.0 blog]


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