Long Tail wordsmith sweeps London

With his book due to drop any minute now – July 6th in the UK, July 11th in the US – Chris Anderson is in London this week doing the rounds.

Who would have imagined it, when he penned the piece for Wired back in the autumn of 2004..?

In addition to press interviews and the like, Google, The Economist, Reuters, IPPR, Amazon and the BBC have internal events with Mr A in the Greater London Area. All corporations (IPPR excepted) that produce and / or aggregate content, all looking to engage with a thinker and perhaps emerge from the meeting with a light dusting of Long Tail magic on their staff, processes and strategy.

For the rest of us outside the corporate walls, there’s a Geek Dinner this Friday 7th July at which Chris will also speak and partake in a Q&A with the crowd. To attend you just need to add your comment here.

If it’s anything like the last Geek Dinner I went to (which featured Marc Canter as guest) – this could be a better chance to get past the basics and really get the synapses firing than more high-profile public events.


2 responses to “Long Tail wordsmith sweeps London

  1. Indeed! I’m planning on really getting to the meat of the long tail. High level concepts for about 5mins then just open the questioning to the crowd. No slides, no av backup, just conversation

  2. Great, sounds exactly like Beers & Innovation: 2 speakers, 10 mins each, no av, then a big ol’ conversation with the assembled peoples for about an hour.

    We’re on the same wavelength! See you tomorrow.

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