Content 2.0 – pre and aftershock

So it's the season of smothering heat, summer storms and, in these specific parts, blogging lite. Mea culpa.

The main reason I haven't been posting is the effort and concentration required in the final run up to NMK's 6th June conference Content 2.0 which I was waist-deep in as both a steering committee member, organiser, web manager/editor and marketer. All the effort paid off thankfully and it went really well.

If you missed the conference and want to see in-depth coverage check out the torrent of posts from our Content 2.0 official blogger for the day Mike Butcher.

Content 2.0 and then some…

Other folks who blogged it include Ben Metcalfe, Sam Sethi, Library2.0, AdLiterate, Diarmuid Russell, Darren Shaw and several others, not to mention speakers such as Marc Canter, Shel Israel, Alan Moore (get well!) and Alex Barnett (phototastic!) and PaidContent's super-stylish reporter Jemima Kiss. Conference panelist James Cherkoff wrote a succinct piece on the rise of blogging for the BBC in advance.

Plus the whole thing was filmed (coming soon) – and a taster interview with Yahoo's Bradley Horowitz posted already – by David Dunkley Gyimah of award-winning video-journalism site (disclosure: he's also an employee of my employer Westminster University, teaching on their International Journalism postgrad MA).

We were also joined in the evening by – among others – Umair Haque of BubbleGeneration and Fergus Burns of Nooked (all the way from County Sligo, Ireland!)

All in all it amounts a good expansion of the debates and discussions of the day. Massive thanks goes to everyone who has taken (or will take) the time to share their thoughts. That's why we did it after all, to improve the conversation, as ace impassioned panelist Hugh MacLeod said on the day!

Content 2.0 podcasts & time out

(BTW, the conference podcasts will be available later this week! You can subscribe to the podcast feed here. They'll also be on iTunes and elsewhere, thanks to Lloyd Davis and Fergus Geraghty.)

The other reason for my absence? Exhaustion. I've been running on adrenaline and little else since at least March, working weekends and late nights, etc. The decision to take a break was for my own good – which is a problematic decision to take when you're blogging for a community but makes sense in the long term.

Signs of life & smokalicious goodness

Like myself, Mike Butcher has also been blogging lite of late over at, but I was both cheered and excited to hear the other day – over an orange juice in Cafe Rio – that in a few weeks he intends to "blog till my eyes bleed". He does have a way with words does Mike. Could it be connected with his planned visit to Los Angeles?

Checked the ever-busy events page at JigsawUK today and was also reminded it's the summer of Geek BBQs – or Web 2.0 BBQs – with the next BBQ coming up in Wimbeldon this Friday. You just can't keep these global Londoners down 😉


3 responses to “Content 2.0 – pre and aftershock

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  2. I just posted this over at Predinya’s super-mysterious blog. [question: is this the next wave of splogging?]

    Hello there Pedrinya,

    I see you have just scraped my entire most recent post at Innovationeye into your blog and not given me any credit, which seems weird.

    I am happy of couse for you copy and paste from my blog as much as you want, but the norm on these occassions is to link back to where you got the content from 😉

    I see you have done the same with all your previous posts to date. When is inspiration going to strike?

    Perhaps unbeknownst to you Trackback has picked up your scraping.

    Best of luck with the blogging,

  3. The person over at Web Research has changed their blog since I left my last comment and removed my content and that of other sites they had scraped, including graphics from the Nooked site.

    Now they are just linking to me in their sidebar.

    They also have a (new) message in their About section:
    “You will not find original content here….I am only cuting and pasting to create my own reference book and to learn how to blog.”

    Interesting that someone who is learning to blog does this by cutting and pasting… also that they would title what they scraped in from here:”Name Dropping For Europe…’ Strangely jaded for a total novice, hmmm.

    We live and learn….

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