Robbie Williams’ manager joins Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0 line-up

News just in: Tim Clark, Director of i:e Music and manager of Robbie Williams will be speaking in the Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0 session.

Tim is widely respected throughout the industry for his innovative approach to music management and his support of digital media.

Speaking at a MusicTank event I attended in September 2005, Tim said:

"By the 80's the most of the indies had no money left and were selling themselves off bit by bit. Then the new technology of the CD arrived but the artists themselves didn't do well out of it. It allowed the labels to sell artists they sold before all over again. Also, the labels reduced their royalties and increased packaging fees."

Technology, deal-making & royalties

"Artists started a battle over royalties which were almost 12% by the late 80's. By the 90's the majors – having bought up all the indies – were overloaded with dosh. Then another technology came along – downloads."

"Napster started it and labels are still weilding a big stick against P2P without offering any carrot. Why does the average artist only earn 3-4p per iTunes download?"

Tim said it was his mission to see that artists get more than this and that they get a fair deal

A career in music

ie:music was set up in 1994 by Tim Clark and David Enthoven to manage 'Voices Of Kwahn' and, later, Brian Eno. In 1995 Virgin asked them to advise Massive Attack's young manager, Marc Picken. They helped Marc to turn 3D, Daddy G and Mushroom into one of Europe's top live bands.

A former Managing Director of Island Records where he worked with artsits including Bob Marley, Free, Steve Winwood, Nick Drake, King Crimson, Roxy Music, and Cat Stevens, Tim now looks after a roster including Craig Armstong and upcoming artists Sia, Mike Rosenberg Band, The Casuals and The Sweet Chap, alongside the globally succesful Robbie Williams.

Tim will be in conversation with Factory Records maverick and In The City co-founder Anthony H. Wilson.

Entry to Beers & Innovation on 6th June is included in the ticket price for the Content 2.0 conference.


One response to “Robbie Williams’ manager joins Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0 line-up

  1. Hello! Trying to contact Tim Clarke re Robbie Williams ie: I have a large white canvas paiting of an angel for Robbie which I would like have shipped to him from down under (Australia:)) Created by local artist: Handan Tunc… This angel is trying to make it to Robbie…so can you please help??:)

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