Here comes IPTV – the open 4th platform?

If you're prone to angst about the UK's performance in the global tech start-up marketplace, a glance at the IPTV sector is bound to lift your mood.

Behind the "woebetide the poor UK web start-up" debate, European activity in this sector is accelerating significantly, and the implications are no less profound.

In January 2006 a fantastic article titled IPTV: the Great Content Adventure by Digital TX director Alexander Cameron appeared on that explained a hell of a lot and gave me that hairs-standing-up-on-back-of-my-neck sensation. In it Cameron argued:

"the newborn IPTV industry has inevitably thrown up a wild chaos that is the hallmark of new technological eras…. One of the most interesting dynamics is that of the so-called content aggregator – trusted third parties that manage the rights for many diverse content archives on behalf of their owners."

In a further article: IPTV: the Open 4th Platform, he went on to say:

"The differentiator for IPTV needs to be that it is an open platform that anyone can innovate around."

Upcoming platform for innovation & new business models

Comparing the closed networks of TV today with IPTV's uncharted terrain, he noted that:

"The contrast between those two vastly different worlds goes some way to explaining the difficulty technologists have had in adapting current business models for IPTV, or the confusion that comes with defining new ones. How do you reconcile a free, open platform with a closed, pay TV one?"

I mention this as, while normal Beers & Innovation events are in a lull, an upcoming NMK afternoon event is happening 1-5pm, this Thurdsay 25th May. We've organised it in association with Mike Butcher of and one of the speakers he's booked is Mr Cameron (of IPTV not Tory fame). 😉

Other speakers include's Dr William Cooper, Tiscali's Head of Broadband Content Richard Ayres, Rob Walk of NovaRising, Bob Palmer from Hyp TV and Scott Gronmark of Scott Gronmark Associates.

The stage is set for an in-depth discussion that will prise open the future of this sector and all the disruption and opportunity it will bring. If you want to come along you can book tickets on the NMK website eventpage.


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