Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0

Beers & Innovation is having it's next outing as part of the Content 2.0 conference on 6th June 2006.

This time, Anthony H. Wilson will be taking on chairing duties for the night. Anthony who?

Well, it's the same Tony Wilson who set up Factory Records (Joy Division, New Order, Happy Mondays…) and who is the co-founder of the UK's annual music conference and convention In The City. He was seen most recently playing himself in the film adaptation of Tristram Shandy directed by Michael Winterbottom – A Cock & Bull Story.

Joining him will be Stephanie Newman from Amnesty International. The human rights campaigning organisation launched a music-led global campaign Make Some Noise in December 2005.

User-created content & human rights activism

Having been granted exclusive rights by Yoko Ono to a number of classic John Lennon tracks, Amnesty have collaborated with a number of international artists – including Snow Patrol, Black-Eyed Peas, and The Cure – to re-record the songs for sale with all profits going to Make Some Noise

Amnesty are now looking to integrate user-generated content into the campaign and Stephanie will be talking to Tony about this new approach.

Entry is included in ticket price for Content 2.0.

The daytime schedule runs to 5pm at the RSA, while Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0 kicks-off 10 minutes walk down the road in the airy surroundings of Albannach, 66 Trafalgar Square, WC2N 5DS at 5.30pm.

The event will run 17.30 – 19.15, with the chance, as per usual, to stay on for further drinks and mingling afterwards.

For more details check out the full conference programme


3 responses to “Beers & Innovation @ Content 2.0

  1. Entry is included in ticket price for Content 2.0.

    If the £376 entry price to the day event is “prohibitive” will the evening event be open to people at regular Beer+Innovation prices?

    Albanach is a pretty big bar!

  2. Hi Ben,

    At the moment, we are guaranteeing all delegates entry to Albannach – of course not all will come – but it certainly cannot take over 200 (if that many even) in the ground floor area where B&I will be happening.

    We will be doing an email out to all delegates on the Thurs before asking them to confirm evening attandance, but of course not everyone will get back to us 😉 Then of course there will be the usual last-minute flurry of bookings, so it’s tricky to manage.

    So there may be a few places but its hard to judge at the monent. We are looking at the options for how that will operate though. I’ll keep you all posted on that.

    BTW, have you left the Beeb already? We have 9 delegates registered from the BBC at the last count – if you’re still there maybe they will cover the cost..?


  3. Lol, it’s two days before I leave the BBC.

    A casual request to my project sponsor about the possibility of attending was decribed as “cheeky”. Probably quite rightly too, esp if there are other BBC peeps attending!

    Once I start getting some consultancy going (or a new employer!) I’ll start attending these gigs again, as it’s all tax-deductable! But until then I’ll stick to the backchannel.

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