My Content 2.0 blog – a full confession

Okay, time to come clean. Websites and blogs seem to attach themselves to me like lost puppies.

But – I must confess – I have not perfected my own cloning technique to date, so don't be surprised if postings here scale back for a little while.

Why? Becuase I've got two other websites to tend – and – and now the latter has gone and delivered me a fresh new blog to care for – – another little blogette if you like 😉

As the subject matter of my other blog is not at all disimilar from the doings talked about here, you shouldn't be too ticked-off if I occassionally point out what's over there in the coming weeks. Perhaps you'll even be curious.

The Content 2.0 conference is only a month away now and we want to connect it with the broader debates going on about these topics – the future of marketing, brands, search, recommendation, and folksonomy and tagging. There's little point to conferences that operate in a vacuum and keep their discussions to themselves. I've been to too many of those. Forget about it.

Get in on the Content 2.0 action

So for an overview, check out the Content 2.0 Conference Schedule and the Speakers Page. Many of our speakers like Bradley Horowitz, Shel Isreal and Alex Barnett are coming over from the States, so I'm really excited about meeting them!

And whether or not you can make it to Content 2.0 on 6th June in London, feel free to put in your comments and questions for the speakers and panelists on either my Content 2.0 blog or that of my colleague Zoe Black.

Gotta go now cos' it's late and the other blog's crying for my attention. Cheers!


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