Innovation: unfairness and snails

There's something in the air today. Beers & Innovation is on tonight and UK folks  are scratching their innovation itch elsewhere in public too…

In Private cash should follow the BBC's lead, Vic Keegan in The Guardian today takes to task the idea that licence fee-funded innovation is anti-competitive, gives the BBC unfair advantage and distorts the market.

In the article, he states:

"The BBC's controversial bid this week to capture the attention of the iPod generation by attracting more "user-generated" content from its own viewers is one of the boldest moves the corporation has made for years."

The resulting services will enable the BBC to compete directly with other social media propositions like Flickr, MySpace and Bebo. But the cry as ever goes up – unfair!

UK media and digital businesses should stop complaining, Vic reckons, and get on with some innovation then – as they have patently failed to do with any great gusto so far, hence the UK's dismal performance in the Web 2.0 stakes… Now, what do businesses say to that? Lots of different things probably.

Something for a future B&I night… possibly. Or a question to lob into Content 2.0 on 6th June. Hmmm.

Animal magic

Meawhile Tom Coates is exasperated by all the talk of the sudden or accelerating pace of change and asks – Is the pace of change really such a shock?

Of the changes everyone is pressing their panic buttons about, Tom comments:

"My sense of these media organisations that use this argument of incredibly rapid technology change is that they're screaming that they're being pursued by a snail and yet they cannot get away! 'The snail! The snail!', they cry. 'How can we possibly escape!?. The problem being that the snail's been moving closer for the last twenty years one way or another and they just weren't paying attention."

Perhaps the snail just seems speedy because it came up under the radar?


4 responses to “Innovation: unfairness and snails

  1. Are you going to Content 2.0 in London in June?

  2. I'll be there Bernie – are you planning to come over/along?


  3. hope B&I went well last night and look forward to reading the write-up on it. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

  4. No probs TK.

    BTW, are there any mobile mash-ups floating your boat that we should know about?

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