Can you podcast Beers & Innovation?

As you might have guessed by now, we're lightweight tech-wise at NMK. Oh the irony…

So do you fancy podcasting this Thursday's Beers & Innovation on Web Services & Mash Ups?

What are we offering in return? Well, as it's a trial, we're offering free admission to the event and free beers afterwards. Not bad when you think of the fab speakers we've got, and the 38 totally fab people who've booked so far!

NMK is a not-for-profit enterprise and doesn't make any money from the Beers & Innovation nights – the cover price covers the cost of complimentary drinks on the night.

So if you're a podcaster who's up for an interesting evening, drop me a line (listed under Editor here). Thanks in advance!


2 responses to “Can you podcast Beers & Innovation?

  1. Hi,

    Too bad no one told me, I would have done it for sure!!


  2. Hi Roger, thanks for letting me know. I’ll bear it in mind for future nights.

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