NMK website glitch

The NMK website took absence without leave from around 7pm this Wednesday evening 😦

If you want to book for Beers & Innovation 3: Web Services & Mash Ups next Thursday 27th April – major apologies.

I’ll post as soon as soon as it’s been resurrected, which should be tomorrow (oh, is it past midnight already? well today then).

In the meantime – if you just can’t supress the urge to contact me – my email is still working fine. I can be reached at deirdre.molloy (AT) nmk.co.uk or of course in the comments below.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks to the mightly WordPress for this chance to keep the channels open!

[UPDATE] The NMK site is back online and bookings for Beers & innovation on Thurdsay 27th April can be made there.

Plus you’ll find more information on the speakers Yahoo!’s Simon Willison, BBC New Media’s Tom Loosemore and chair Greg Tallent of LSBU.

Numbers are limited so book now to guarantee a place.

[UPDATE 2: Sunday 23 April] Glitchy-time! A couple of people have dropped me a line to say they’ve had probs booking for B&I this Thursday on the NMK website.

We are looking into it right now and the situation seems to have been resolved. However, if you have experienced a problem, please drop me a line (my details are listed under Editor here). There are still places left and we will give priority to anyone who has experienced difficulties. Thanks!


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