Web 2.0 marketing = Pinko Marketing?

Tara Hunt – marketing/community gal at Riya – is giving a talk on 'Pinko Marketing' [evolving here] to an audience of not-for-profit organisations this evening at Net Tuesdays.

Wish I could go, but Net Tuesdays is held in San Francisco 😦

The night is run by Net Squared, who I first encountered at SXSW Interactive last month when I ran into Billy Bicket, their Knowledge Services Director of Strategic Development at the Odeo/AdaptivePath/Consumating party.

We got chatting and I was rather excited when Billy explained what Net Squared do – they use Web 2.0 technologies to empower the growth and impact of non-profits.

Their slogan is: "remixing the web for social change". Nifty.

How can UK not-for-profits synch with Web 2.0?

Five minutes into our confab, I was quite literally drooling and trying to not to yell loudly across the ocean "come on, can I get me some of that already, oh pretty please??"

Why? Because NMK is a not-for-profit case in point. Our website was developed externally some time ago, and we have limited budget (and time) to augment it. But we exist purely as a resource for the broad digital community, so we can't rest on dated laurels.

Hence (partly) this free blog (thanks Matt!). And hence having to have a seperate website for our upcoming conference – Content 2.0 – so we could incorprate blogs, RSS and podcasting.

We have no technical person on the team, so it's left to yours truly to patch over the cracks, handle the multiple sites and blogs and do a lot of apologetic explaining.

Don't keep it all to yourself now…

But plenty more not-for-profits need next-generation technology tools and support way more than we do, and far more urgently.

Anyone out there heard of anything like this in UK or Europe, or have any useful thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or even resources and a will to make something happen?

[NB. NetSquared are also holding a big conference in San Jose from 30-31 May – worth keeping an eye on.]


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