What’s up with web services?

Yahoo! recently announced – to put it concisely – that they’re no longer trying to compete with Google in terms of algorithmic search engine dominance.

This might just seem to be good news for Google, and perhaps better news for Microsoft (or is it..?)

But it doesn’t equal bad news for Yahoo! Why? Because the online superchannel that is Yahoo! is now able to focus on innovating and playing to it’s strengths in other areas of search and non-search activity.

Which reminds me of (Blogger founder and Odeo CEO) Evan Williams’ storming post on ways for web start-ups to work better. Except Yahoo! are doing this in macrocosm 😉

Romancing the node

CEO Terry Semel has been making strides in his romancing of Hollywood, which is coming more to be viewed as one of biggest nodes of entertainment on the planet. Terry wants the Hollywood node to see how Yahoo! services, technologies and vast audience can add value to their output.

Plus he understands how Hollywood works – which doesn’t seem to be Google’s forte, just yet. So broader experience and relationships are working in that department.

What else can you do with Yahoo?

Another thing Yahoo! is focusing on is Web Services, and now you can hear more about what they’re doing and how web services can open up Yahoo! content and applications to be mashed up with those of other companies large and small, and for other purposes….

Simon Willison of Yahoo!’s Technology Development Group will be outlining their endeavours and answering your questions about web services at the next Beers & Innovation on 27th April. You can book your tickets here.


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