Citizen media – where next?

The debate about citizen media is snowballing and the more discussion the better.
Tomorrow the next Beers & Innovation takes place, and one of our speakers, the Head of BBC’s Global News Division Richard Sambrook has penned an interesting post for Cybersoc as a guest blogger.

In it he talks about the acceleration of an:

“idea as big as citizen journalism – with all its implications for the way public information is mediated, the democratisation of information and the dilemmas and doubts it raises”

In terms of how the debate is moving on, he comments:

“Underlying [it is]… a continuing drumbeat of concern about the value of news and journalism – indeed what is journalism in a fully digital world where information is a commodity?”

Big question!

So even though Beers & Innovation is sold out, if you aren’t coming along you can get a thought-provoking slice of his thoughts and have your say on Cybersoc.

The next NMK B&I night will be announced at the event, but I’ll post it on the blog within 48 hours too.

[UPDATE]: Richard is also speaking at a forthcoming London summit, the We Media Global Forum in London which runs 3-4 May 2006. They also have a blog.


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