SXSW Interactive notes – preface

Ah, I came back from SXSW Interative in Austin, Texas last Thursday full of good intentions…

Thought I would write up all the sessions wordsmith style, and share with the people. But I was in denial about my daily workload, and, well, I’m still just getting to grips with the whole blogging whatchamacallit.

In short, somehow the occasion for wordsmithery just hasn’t presented itself… so I’m going to blog it *almost* as if live.

Not the same as truly live, but ya know… maybe this is the first lesson.

It’ll come through in dribs and drabs but in chronological order, so bear with me, and feel free to fire any comments or questions right back at me.

I feel so damn lucky to have been there, with a fiesty handful of other UK innovators, so I’m only too happy to share and respond. Which is probably even more idealsitic than my initial “good intentions”.

Apologies again for the delays in getting this all out there.


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