Upcoming comes in handy

Social calendaring – believe me, it works better than it reads.

I’d looked at it a few times before but today I’ve finally subscribed to Upcoming and its really adding to my Austin/SXSW Interactive experience before I’ve even left London.

Haven’t time to go into it fully right now, but basically every event I select to attend through Upcoming is then added to my calendar – naturally – but also i get to see everyone else who’s going. And also, who’s ‘watching’ the event.

Now, ‘watching’ – does that mean they’re still in two minds and are waiting to see who else signs up? Or are they just nosey? Whatever – it gives it an extra dimension that adds to the socialbility and usefulness of it in spades. If you are ‘watching’ and see someone else who you know is ‘watching’ that makes it easier to make the decision to attend!

It connects people’s mindsets, and augments their social (or professional) life. All of which can only add to the listed events success.

[note: nosey folks out there can see what I’m attending and watching, but you have to sign-up yourself first]


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