Business models and user content

Most small buinesses can’t afford to have a website, unless the owner is a techie or has geek mates.

Think about how this applies globally and the percentage of invisible business on the internet multiplies dramatically.

The solution to date has been to have your basic business details listed on online shopping and business directories. But now the world of wiki is offering an interesting alternative that groups together all these “siteless” businesses.

To see what I’m talking about look at which has been described as the lovechild of Yellow Pages and Wikipedia.

Paul Youlten of Yellowikis will be speaking at Beers & Innovation on March 30th.

He’ll be talking about the day-to-day realities of user-provisioned information systems as well as the strengths and weaknesses of community based projects.

Paul will also talk about BlogCode and StoryCode which generate content from users. And he’ll be taking all your questions and comments of course!

For more details and bookings – go here.


2 responses to “Business models and user content

  1. Although your opening statement is the accepted norm, most small businesses can get a web presence at zero or low cost, and without too much geekness by using this very blog technology we’re interacting on. I can set up a account for free (or I could spend a little a month and do a better looking job on something like Typepad) , and it can have pages to describe my business as well as the ability to interact with my target audience. Maybe I need some advice on how I set up a domain name and point it at mt WordPress blog URL, and some basic advice on SEO stuff, but I this is the kind of thing that I “should” be able to get from my business adviser.

    The Wiki Yellow pages things sounds very good. I’ll investigate that.

  2. David,

    Thanks for adding your thoughts. I had been thinking of mentioning the free web services once dominated by Tripod, et al and recently added to the Google portfolio with their Google Pages release, but how many small business owners took up such free web page services in the past? I’d love to see the stats…

    I suppose what struck me with Yellowiki is the central location of all the listings, and the paid-for option if you dont want or find it too daunting to add yourself manually). It’s not unique, but this wiki model is interesting.

    The idea of WordPress (or Blogger/Typepad/etc) accreditation for business advisors is a great one – imagine if they *could* give advice on this! [Any DTI/Business Link folk reading..??]

    See you on the 30th (possibly?).


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