Where next?

I’ve got a list as long as my arm of topics to talk about regarding innovation and the success (or otherwise) of UK-based tech and digital media start-ups. 

But here at Beers & Innovation we like to find out what people want. 

The lively bunch that came along to the first Beers & Innovation in February indicated overwhelmingly that the next event should focus on user generated content (or “user created content” if you prefer…). 

NMK held a half-day conference on the topic in November last year, with 4Docs, Scoopt, MSN Spaces and Moblog UK among the speakers. Last month saw the Association Of Online Publishers hold an afternoon seminar entitled ‘Podcasting: What’s the Point?’ Slightly naff title aside, it’s good to see industry bodies foregrounding these innovative developments. 

When PodcastCon hit London last September, it still seemed like an underground phenomenon (except for the BBC and Virgin Radio’s rapid involvement from the get-go of course). But the pace of change is accelerating and it seems the UK population can’t get enough of it. 

So how’s the UK doing with innovation and UGC in 2006? Who is doing the exciting stuff and what, if anything, is hindering their potential? And what of consumer created content in the news sphere? How much has citizen media impacted mainstream news and what organisations are engaging innovatively with this medium? 

More details soon. 

Tickets are available now costing £10 and can be booked here.


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