Beers & Innovation got off the ground on 9th Feb in a central London hostelry. 

It came about thanks to the pondering and plan-hatching of (then BBC, now Yahoo!) Tom Coates, NMK and (by a circuitous route) Mr James Governor. Oh, and Carluccio’s lunch menu. 

A fantastically smart, diverse (and damn fine looking) bunch of folk bought tickets (£10 STG), and turned up to hear from Tom, Matt Ogle of Audioscrobbler/Last FM (stepping into Richard Jones’ shoes at the last minute – who’d have guessed?) and Skype’s new VP of Marketing (and serial entrepreneur) Saul Klein. The ensuing discussion between all parties made the event a real success. 

What else? There was beer (and soft drinks!) and a happy contingent lingered to exchange notes and start-up recipes afterwards… 

The night was set to focus on the experience of home-bred entrepreneurs and the cultural context of innovation in technology and media in the UK. There was some of that, but sho’ nuff it took on a life of its own. Powerful stuff all round. 

Thanks to all and do keep coming back for more (a full report on the night’s confab will be available soon on the NMK site). There’s too much other important / interesting stuff still to be chewed over… 

Most of all, we want people to bring their magic 🙂 In the meantime, don’t all emigrate at once now! 


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