I’m Texas bound…

I’m off to the city of Austin, Texas this Friday in the wee hours of the morning.

Yep partners, I’m going to SXSW Interactive. Result! If you’re going over too, drop me a line. My email address is filed under Editor here.

Haven’t been in the States since 2000 (correction 1999 and I was nearly interviewed in a Garment district bar for a local news programme about Monica Lewinsky, but I was a good corporate web editor on a work trip and refused!); a lot’s happened since then. Previous US touch points have been New York x 2 [so cold in March I almost passed out on the street], Cleveland [windy – and not much else] and *cough* Detroit Airport [unspeakable].

Anyway – I’ve spent a little time this weekend choosing what panels I’m going to, and getting some inspiration for future B&I nights [once I get there I can start deviating of course…]

On the last day (Tuesday 14th) I’ve a dilemma as two great looking sessions clash:

‘Commons-Based Business Models’ with Jimmy Wales and Joi Ito.

‘Designing The Next Generation of Web Apps’ with Evan Williams [Blogger and now Odeo], Mena Trott [Six Apart], Ludicorp’s George Oates and folk from Measure Map and Stamen Design.

So, which one to go for??

The blurb for the first one says:

“Open source software business models have gone from theoretical to profitable over the past half decade-companies like Red Hat, MySQL, JBOSS, and IBM. How will peer production business models prove out in the content space? Learn how pioneering commons-based businesses are creating what Business 2.0 calls the next multi-billion dollar industry”


But can I miss hearing from Evan Williams? I can’t decide!

Now, I must go check out the weather forecast…


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